SKULLDANA® by Cathie

"You've tried the rest...Now wear the  Best!"

Great for any activity, sport or bad hair days.

Individually handcrafted in the U.S.A.



Have you tried tying a bandana into a skullcap, but it won't stay on your head?

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How to tie on a skulldana®

Step 1

Place bottom of the headband even with the eyebrow ridge covering the top half of ears.

Step 2

Tie tightly under the base of skull.

Step 3

Gently pull tails snugly against head

Step 4

You are ready to go.

Customer Reviews

It doesn’t matter, whether you’re cruising down the mountain highway or rafting a stream The SkullDana Is the best head wrap for all occasions. Perfect protection from the sun, the wind, and the heat.

Russ McCartney

Happy Days!  Opening up my package here in Australia from Cathie this morning was reminiscent of doing exactly the same, fifteen or sixteen years ago! Good to see that some things don’t change, and I was still able to order online too.

Love these bandanas...           I’m a welder, and these things simply rock... end of story.Why else would I still be buying after all these years...?

Ian Bee

Have 3 Skulldanas (had 4 gave 1 to a friend) and need to know if you still sell just the bandanas too. I want to order a white Jumbo, but want a white bandana for around my neck (hot in AZ). Let me know. The Skulldana's are the best. Thank You,

Scott Yocum

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